HACRC Institute Certificate Student Registration

HACRC Institute Certificate Student Registration:


To register as a student for HACRC Institute Online Human Rights Examinations:


1. Please complete the form opposite and click the send button.

2. After receipt of your form, the Registry will process the information.

3. Your will later receive confirmation email with link to make your student registration payment. The payment is 50 GBP.

4. After receipt of your payment, the Registry will process your application. If everything is in order, you will receive email containing your registration details.

5. You will also receive a short manual providing details of the examinations scope. The price is included in the registration fee.

6. With your registration details, you can book for your examination via the link that will be provided to you.

7. If the address you provided is not within the United Kingdom, you can only receive digital contacts free. There is an option to pay for any postal communication.

8. Please send any student registration issue by email to




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